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Best-in-class, fine art boxing for artists, collectors and galleries – whether you're selling works or moving your collection

Fine art packaging in just 3 steps


Pick the right size box for your work and we’ll ship it to you, free of charge


Pack your work securely using the instructions provided


Post your packed work via your usual shipping method

Choose between 4 different sizes

Small Box

Box size: 63 × 63 × 10cm
Max. art size: 50 × 50cm

Medium Box

Box size: 73 × 93 × 10cm
Max. art size: 60 × 80cm

Large Box

Box size: 108 × 128 × 10cm
Max. art size: 95 × 115cm

xLarge Box

Box size: 118 × 153 × 10cm
Max. art size: 105 × 140cm

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Made from sustainably sourced hardwood and comes foam-lined to give added protection to your works. Each box comes with packing accessories such as gloves, protective glassine paper, and corner sleeves.

Want to bulk order boxes or need a box for framed works? Get in touch and we can help.

Fine art we’ve shipped to our collectors

Small Box

"Drawing" by Robi Dwi Antono, 2021

Medium Box

"Empathy" by Makiko Kudo, 2021

Large Box

"First Look" by Javier Calleja, 2021

xLarge Box

"The View of Yoei William" by Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, 2021

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